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Ex-Ad Agency Owner Reveals Why Organic Content is ACTUALLY King [M&M #061]

Published 6 months ago • 2 min read

The Secrets of Organic Content, Audience Building, and Running an Agency

with Mitch Wilder

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We're doing something a little bit different today.

I'm actually repurposing a video call I had recently with my good buddy...

Mitch Wilder

This guy is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the paid advertising space within marketing. He built and grew an incredibly successful marketing advertising agency working with high-value clients driving over 200M in sales.

More recently, Mitch has moved into the M&A space, where he basically looks for businesses to buy into and help them get better at what they're doing.

He's got a lot of stories and skills in the realm of entrepreneurship, marketing, audience building, and more.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Paid ads versus organic content in the pros and cons of either.
  • The importance of your network and looking at your audience as the most valuable asset for your business.
  • Why building real connections is the secret sauce to success
  • and a ton more.

This is an episode that I think you're really gonna like.

So make sure you stick around for the whole thing and let me know if you like this kind of content so that I can continue to bring you more of what you're looking for.

Quick Links

[00:00] The Solopreneur Revolution: Why You Should Care

[03:12] Unlocking the Mindset: The Secret Sauce of Solopreneur Success

[09:45] Audience Building: The Untold Strategy for Skyrocketing Your Business

[16:30] Organic Content Marketing: The Underdog's Winning Move

[23:10] Community & Connection: The Hidden Currency of Business

[30:20] Solopreneur Struggles: Dodging the Pitfalls and Landmines

[37:40] Being Real in a Fake World: The Power of Authenticity

[44:50] Tech-Savvy Solopreneur: Automate Like a Pro

[51:30] Partnerships: The Unseen Engine of Business Growth

[58:00] The Future is Solo: Why Solopreneurship is the New Normal

See you next week!

Til Next Time,
Ev ✌️🙂

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