Geez. I'm really getting vulnerable here... [M&M #067]

Tend to Overcomplicate Things?
Here's My Take on Why, and How to Simplify it all...

I have a natural tendency to overcomplicate things, when I shouldn't.

It's easier said than done, but my tendency to overcomplicate pretty much everything that I'm passionate about…

…is a real struggle.

And the fact is, overcomplicating situations, especially when you're building something new from the ground up can be the absolute worst thing you can do.

In my 20+ years of experience as a performing musician,
I've learned music is a perfect example of this truth.

Oftentimes, the way to create a feeling or special moment within a song has way less to do with the notes or chords that you strike and much more to do with the space that you leave between the sounds.

And in my business I continue to wrestle the natural tendency to overcomplicate stuff, which my reasons for that I will get to in a moment.

For instance, I am incredibly close to launching my next ‘big thing’...

You know what..? Screw it.
It's close enough - I'll drop the link at the bottom of this entry. 🧃

For the first time since jumping into self-employment full-time back in 2019 I'm launching a premium subscription service that has no specific ties to me or my name.

I am so excited and pretty nervous because I've never done something like this before.

And because I want everything to be amazing and smooth sailing, I've spent at least several months longer than necessary to get this thing up and running.

Now granted as a solopreneur or one-person business, in many instances, you'll find yourself doing damn near everything yourself, which has extreme advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

In the case of this new project:

  • The website has taken me way too long and it's only one page
  • The payment portal and processing was a doozy, but ended up being simple in the end.
  • The offer itself took a hot minute to figure out… all to realize I won't be able to fully dial it in until I launch the service and learn as I go.
  • What about the marketing?
    Do I go all out and create a new profile on all of the major social platforms and somehow find a way to create twice as much content as I already do and post frequently and consistently on the new brand channels? (the short answer is no. at least not yet… lol)

We tend to overcomplicate the things that we care the most about.

Whether that be a new relationship, a new career move, or any other life decision that matters, keeping things simple is one of my weaknesses for sure.

And I know that I am not alone in this.

But if this is hurting me more than it is helping me why do I do this?

Why do we do this?

A Wrestling Match With My Ego

I’m digging deep to fully figure this out but there are several big factors at play, and it’s all wrapped around the human kryptonite known as ego.

I’m human, I’m doing my best to be honest/transparent, and truthfully I’m more motivated to document this more so for my kids and their children than for any other reason - but maybe you’ll find this relatable or useful somehow too.

My ego says:

  • “Don’t be seen as a person that chases shiny-objects”

And my go-to remedy for that is, 'preparation improves perception'.
Yet ironically, over-preparedness can look a lot like procrastination...

  • Never show weakness” (or lack of confidence, truthfully)

And to avoid being seen as weak or unsure, perfectionism becomes the poisonous result. Staying sharp on details in one thing but claiming to be a perfectionist isn't the thing to brag about. It's a cover-up for insecurity.

  • I want people to like me and compliment my work”

I’ve found I crave words of affirmation as it is a large part of my love language. I crave it so much that I'm shaken when I don't get it. Pretty egotistical right? 😥

Advice to Myself (and to you)

  1. Be willing to look a little stupid at times
    • People won’t see your vision until you create something to prove it’s a real thing.
    • It’s not everybody else’s job to believe in your dreams
  2. Don’t justify your bad habits for the noble sake of 'protecting your reputation'
    • This is a whole other topic unto itself, but recognize that your limiting beliefs around how to actually become successful is the very thing keeping you from it
    • Your reputation has little to no sway on how well an idea may turn out. If it’s something you believe in, put your heart into it and don’t look back. (ex: ppl reinvent themselves all the time. convicts turn into pastors, addicts build sober living homes, The Rock went from football to, wrestling, to acting, to starting a tequila company)
    • As a person… you are a personal brand. You are also a multi-faceted individual with several talents, a handful of skills, and a lifetime’s worth of stories that are all unique and individual to you.
  3. Share your work with no expectations
    • Build in public - I’m still learning what this actually means and how to do it effectively.
  4. Lighten your touch, Enjoy the process
    • The more we protect, the less control we have
      • Overbearing parents raise kids that never return home
      • A greedy king losing everything

Woven throughout these truths, lies an uncanny blend of science and art - Human behavior, communication & perception, deep-rooted beliefs & visions, and more - making the concept of today’s entry so dynamic and situational that no one right answer can ever be positioned as the end all, be all.

Even though the thing you’re working on/toward is a big to deal to you - and rightfully so…

Does not constitute our knee-jerk tendencies to overcomplicate matters and inadvertently sabotage the possibility of it becoming the next great chapter of your story.

It’s a matter of respect.

Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Respect your passions and pursuits…

by not overcomplicating it.

Think about what you’re working on/toward in this current chapter of your life. And ask yourself how this concept of simplicity may help you right now.

Reply and let me know how this may apply to you right now.

Let’s continue to grow together.

Until Next Time ✌️🙂

P.S. In the name of not overcomplicating,
here's a peek at my newest project...

it's not perfect.
but it's ready enough for the world to enjoy. ❤️

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